How Do I Report Results?

Because project leads wish to have control over which results are uploaded, the process of reporting results is conducted by the project lead or project manager. Project members do not have this ability, and so should report your results to these individuals, so they can upload the results.

However, project members can report references. In doing so, please make sure the references are not already included.

A project lead or manager can also visit the project and chose the edit link to report results into the project. To do so:
  1. Scroll down until you find the section "Project Results". Fill out this section and report upon the achievements of this project.
  2. Also upload references that you have produced for this project. In each case, make sure that you only upload/report references directly related to this project. References can also be uploaded by project members; make sure the reference is not already uploaded. Once a reference is uploaded it can be corrected.
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