FutureGrid Transition Plans for Hotel and Alamo Users - PLEASE READ

With the FutureGrid project ending, here is an outline of the transition to the Hotel and Alamo resources operated under the new Chameleon project.
First, the FutureGrid management has graciously consented to operate their portal until the end of this week. This means that until the end of this week you will be able to manage your FutureGrid account. If you need to change the password or perform any other management actions, please do so at this time.
Alamo will become unavailable on October 1st as we take it down to reconfigure it for the new project. During this time, Hotel will be operating "as is" in order to provide some resources for existing users. You will be able to access Hotel with your existing FutureGrid account -- however beginning this Monday (October 6th) your account will be "frozen", i.e., you will no longer be able to manage your FutureGrid account, so please make sure that all is in order by then. During this time, we will also be able to provide only a limited amount of support as we develop the Chameleon portal.
We are planning to make the Chameleon portal available around the end of October. It will include tools facilitating porting your FutureGrid account to the Chameleon account.  Alamo will become available around the same time via the new project. Once Alamo becomes available, we will take down Hotel for reconfiguration. We plan to complete the transition in November.
To keep in touch, please visit our website, www.chameleoncloud.org. We will also post regular updates there as the project gets underway.
Kate Keahey
Mathematics and CS Division, Argonne National Laboratory Computation
Institute, University of Chicago
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