Important Changes! All FutureGrid Users PLEASE READ.

After almost five years of operation, the FutureGrid project has come to an end.  Going forward, there are several options for current users who wish to continue their work.

The Indiana University machines Xray, India, Bravo, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot will continue running roughly as is for both education and research (with greater use of Cloudmesh tool and a different access portal).  All current FutureGrid accounts will remain valid on FutureSystems until at least December 31, 2014.  Transition to FutureSystems will take place on Monday, October 6th).

In addition, two current FutureGrid partners (University of Chicago and TACC) are partners in an NSF award to create an experimental testbed called "Chameleon." (NSFCloud solicitation (  Initially, Chameleon will provide access to the current FutureGrid clusters Hotel (at University of Chicago) and Alamo (at TACC). Later in the first year of the project, new larger-scale systems will be available.  See for more information.  Also see associated news item for Hotel and Alamo users.

We also note the availability of XSEDE systems and especially the new SDSC Comet system, which supports virtual clusters for cloud and HPC operation, and the new TACC Wrangler data analysis cluster which will both be available January 1, 2015.  XSEDE has a call for usage proposals open until October 15 -  See for information on how to request access.


Please submit a ticket or send email to if you need help during this transition period to FutureSystems and Chameleon.

Thank you, Geoffrey

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