Nimbus/Alamo authentication changes

Due to the expiration of a CA certificate, the Nimbus services on Alamo are now using a new host certificate from a different certificate authority. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this will require that you make some changes to your Nimbus client to continue to use Alamo.
The first change is to use a Nimbus cloud client that includes the CA certificates associated with our new Nimbus certificate. One way to accomplish this is to download the Nimbus cloud client version 022. An alternative is to modify your existing cloud client by manually adding the CA certificates to it. This can be accomplished by:
  1. Download the InCommon Server CA certificate and save it as nimbus-cloud-client-021/lib/certs/84df5188.0
  2. Go to the Comodo AddTrust page and download the AddTrust External CA Root certificate. Save it as nimbus-cloud-client-021/lib/certs/3c58f906.0
The second change is to modify your nimbus-cloud-client-022/conf/alamo.conf file to have the DN of the new certificate, like so:  
  • vws.factory.identity=/C=US/ University Station/O=The University of Texas at Austin/OU=TACC - Texas Advanced Computing Center/
  If you encounter any problems using Nimbus on Alamo, please submit a ticket for assistance.  
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