Open Project: FG Vagrant

We are looking for students that want to develop a Vagrant plugin for FutureGrid as a provider. Vagrant was developed as a tool to interact easily with VirtualBox on the commandline. Recently, Vagrant has added the ability to add additional providers. They have a very nice example using AWS with  avery well documented code. For documentation on vagrant providers, please visit.
The goals of this project are

a) develop a vagrant provider that uses the openstack and/or eucalyptus deployments in FG 
b) make the code available in our github
c) write a documentation on how to use this in FutureGrid

We believe that this project is not that difficult

There are possibly two ways of doing this:

1) adapt the AWS module and use our EC2 interfaces to the clouds
2) use directly some library that communicates with the openstack protocol

Although I personally prefer (2) doing this via (1) offers the ability to support eucalyptus and openstack and may just be easier to implement.

Once you complete this project we will feature you and your project on the frontpage of FG.

This project also qualifies for an independent study at Indiana University with some more work. If you are not at IU, we can engage with your adviser to see if it can be made part of your class or you get some academic credit for it.

If you are interrested in this project, please send e-mail to

Thanks for your attention

Gregor von Laszewski

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