OpenStack Summit keynote in High Energy Physics acknowledges Nimbus and FutureGrid

Wednesday 04/18/13 at 9 AM PT, Randall Sobie, scientist at the Institute of Particle Physics at University of Victoria, gave a keynote at the OpenStack Summit describing how his group manages resources provisioned over multiple infrastructure clouds for the ATLAS high-energy physics collaboration. Randall described how his approach to computing over federated clouds was inspired by "sky computing" concepts developed by FutureGrid co-PIs Jose Fortes and Kate Keahey in a 2009 IEEE Internet Computing paper. The University of Victoria team uses such resources via an infrastructure called Cloud Scheduler that has seen over a year of continuous operation at up to 1000 concurrent jobs at a time using, among others, FutureGrid Nimbus clouds.

For further news on Randall Sobie's presentation, please see the IT World article Physicists link OpenStack, Nimbus clouds around the world to share resources.

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