Hybrid Cloud Processing of Secure Data

Project Information

Computer Science (401) 

Exploring the challenges of processing large amounts of data the contain intermingled sensitive information within a hybrid cloud environment. The starting point for this project is to utilize existing MapReduce frameworks and then begin testing proposed new frameworks that handle data tagged as sensitive.

Intellectual Merit

Provide part of the technical resources with ongoing hybrid cloud research to extend the current MapReduce frameworks to handle more dynamic types of data. This project will allow researchers to validate and extend existing research in this area as well as lead to new areas of research closely related to data security within a hybrid cloud.

Broader Impacts

This project will serve as a research tool in developing research papers to be reviewed and shared with the academic community as well as allow research partners to develop distributed hybrid cloud resources for research.

Project Contact

Project Lead
Jeff Whitworth (jnwhitwo) 
Project Manager
Jeff Whitworth (jnwhitwo) 

Resource Requirements

Hardware System
  • I don't care (what I really need is a software environment and I don't care where it runs)
Use of FutureGrid

Initially a team of graduate researchers at UNC Greensboro will be replicating existing work (Sedic). UNCG will be utilizing FG as a public cloud in our hybrid cloud scenario.

Scale of Use

a few VMs for an experiment and possibly more resources during a final test.

Project Timeline

01/26/2012 - 13:33