Privacy preserving gene read mapping using hybrid cloud

Project Information

Computer Science (401) 

We would like to study the possibility of doing reads mapping using hybrid cloud, in order to utilize public computing resources while preserving the data privacy.

Intellectual Merit

This research if of high demand in the area of bioinformatics as more and data are generated everyday but lack of computing resources to process them.

Broader Impacts

The research may increase data processing speed in the area of bioinformatics and thus replace current read mapping tools

Project Contact

Project Lead
Yangyi Chen (yangchen) 
Project Manager
Yangyi Chen (yangchen) 
Project Members

Resource Requirements

Hardware Systems
  • hotel (IBM iDataPlex at U Chicago)
  • india (IBM iDataPlex at IU)
  • sierra (IBM iDataPlex at SDSC)
  • xray (Cray XM5 at IU)
Use of FutureGrid

Study privacy preserving computing using Hadoop as platform.

Scale of Use

Run experiments on the system and for each experiment I will need about 2~3 days.

Project Timeline

10/04/2010 - 12:09