University of California (UC) Grid and Cloud Project

Project Information

Computer Science (401) 
14.13 Engineering Science 

This project is mainly for research and development of cloud computing technologies, such as IaaS, storage as a service etc. Our project website is We benchmark cloud deployment through Xen KVM, test workflows on virtual OS for performance. We also test cloud computing packages like Eucalyptus, Nimbus and Open Nebula along with our own scripts to deploy virtual OS.

Intellectual Merit

Research and Development in cloud computing across many Unicersity of California Campuses

Broader Impacts

University of California system wide HPC support

Project Contact

Project Lead
Prakashan Korambath (ppk) 
Project Manager
Prakashan Korambath (ppk) 

Resource Requirements

Hardware System
  • sierra (IBM iDataPlex at SDSC)
Use of FutureGrid

Research and Development, benchmarking

Scale of Use

No production level use. Only for R&D

Project Timeline

04/08/2011 - 15:20