Projects Statistics

Accounts Statistics


All users: 2609
Having a portal account and being a member of at least one active project: 1430(54.8%)
Having a portal account project and being a member of only completed project: 638(24.5%)
Having a portal account but not being part of any project: 541(20.7%)

User Institutional Countries

We have users from 58 countries
Top 10 countries with most registered users
UNITED STATES: 2004(76.8%)
PUERTO RICO: 85(3.3%)
INDONESIA: 63(2.4%)
INDIA: 61(2.3%)
ITALY: 60(2.3%)
CHINA: 35(1.3%)
ICELAND: 30(1.1%)
FRANCE: 25(1%)
GERMANY: 24(0.9%)
The rest 48 countries: 198(7.6%)

User Institutions around the world (updated Dec 3, 2013)

Note: These maps were created based on user provided address data via FutureGrid portal. Due to incorrect/incomplete of some entries, the actual coverage could be higher.

New Users by Month

Statistics for Valid Projects

Note: Valid projects (413 of them total) are those approved by the project committee that are either active or completed


Computer Science: 229(55.4%)
Technology Evaluation: 37(9%)
Life Science: 40(9.7%)
Education: 49(11.9%)
Domain Science excluding Life Science: 45(10.9%)
Interoperability: 11(2.7%)
Other: 2(0.5%)


Internal Projects: 33(8%)
External Projects: 377(91.3%)
TBD: 3(0.7%)


Research Projects: 325(78.7%)
Education Projects: 85(20.6%)
Industry Projects: 2(0.5%)
Government Projects: 1(0.2%)

Statistics for All Projects

Note: This section shows statistics for all projects (441 of them total) requests received.


Active Projects: 366(83%)
Completed Projects: 47(10.7%)
Pending Projects: 1(0.2%)
Cancelled Projects: 3(0.7%)
Incomplete Projects: 1(0.2%)
Denied Projects: 23(5.2%)

Service Requests/Wishlist

HPC: 228(51.7%)
Eucalyptus: 187(42.4%)
Nimbus: 199(45.1%)
OpenStack: 169(38.3%)
OpenNebula: 78(17.7%)
Hadoop: 160(36.3%)
Twister: 52(11.8%)
MapReduce: 146(33.1%)
Genesis II: 40(9.1%)
XSEDE: 61(13.8%)
Unicore 6: 22(5%)
gLite: 25(5.7%)
Vampir: 18(4.1%)
CUDA: 39(8.8%)
SAGA: 6(1.4%)
Globus: 33(7.5%)
Pegasus: 21(4.8%)
PAPI: 22(5%)
MPI: 61(13.8%)
ScaleMP: 10(2.3%)

Accumulated Requests by Month

Normalized Percentage of Accumulated Requests by Month

Requests by Quarter

Note: The latest quarter may show only incomplete data

Trend of Requests by Quarter

Note: The latest quarter may show only incomplete data