Course: Cloud computing class


In this class we will discuss about cloud computing and we will have experience with the most important cloud solutions (eucalyptus, nimbus, openebula). The students will be involved in a project where it is proposed to implement an easy service (like a web server) and to monitor its response time. A very simple scheduler, considering the response time, will decide where/when switch on/off virtual machines.

Intellectual Merit

The students will be involved in a realistic scenario where they will face problem concerning load balancing, replication policies in order to satisfy QoS of the services.

Broader Impact

All materials and all results will be published in the class webpage. All documents/results will be proposed as "open source" materials (that is editable/improved from everyone). The intent of this it is also to figure out which is the best way to teach and to practice with cloud computing.

Use of FutureGrid

Future grid will help us to use different cloud middleware solutions and to practice with the real problem concerning "provide services over a cloud".

Scale Of Use

The class should be quite small. I aspect no more than 20 students, so the resouces involved in our class should be just few VMs (no more than 2 for each student).



This project is providing various materials for the "Community Educational Material" section in the future grid portal.

At this link, you can find documents, hand-outs, outline and more concerning the "Cloud Computing Class" that
I'm teaching with students from different Universities and companies in the Italy.

Massimo Canonico
University of Piemonte Orientale

Project Members

Alex Blaso
Andrea Baglioni
Aureliano Bergese
Federico Castagna
Federico De Gioannini
Gianni Forlastro
Marcello Cerri
Marco Gandolfo
Marco Guazzone
Matteo Lanfranco
Patrick Facco
Riccardo Mollo

FutureGrid Experts

Tak-Lon Wu
Thilina Gunarathne