Google SOC 11: Using DemoGrid and Globus Online on FutureGrid


This project aims to investigate the feasibility of providing DemoGrid and its encompassing Globus services as part of the FutureGrid project and facilitate its deployment and use on FutureGrid IaaS clouds for the broader scientific community.

Intellectual Merit

Will link DemoGrid and Globus Online with new private IaaS Cloud technologies available on FutureGrid

Broader Impact

Can be abstracted to apply to any IaaS framework. May eventually help target DemoGrid for providing on-demand compute services for Globus Online and/or provide Grid-bursting features to existing grids.

Use of FutureGrid

Plan on using Eucalyptus, OpenStack and Nimbus services

Scale Of Use

Will scale at most to ~8 nodes for any given deployment fro demonstration purposes.


Andrew Younge
Indiana University

Project Members

Borja Sotomayor

FutureGrid Experts

Andrew Younge
Javier Diaz Montes