Course: Distributed Scientific Computing Class


The aim of the research project is to develop new programming models, evaluate existing methods for data-intensive applications as well as test/extend SAGA to cloud environments.

Intellectual Merit

This research will lead to novel programming models, applications and programming systems.

Broader Impact

I am co-teaching a class on Scientific Computing with a focus on Distributed Scientific Computing

Use of FutureGrid

  1. Distributed Application and Computing
  2. Programming Models and Data-Intensive Computing
  3. Teaching (Class 7700)

Scale Of Use

multi-site simulations are required; many VMs for a class


FutureGrid supported a new class focusing on a practical and comprehensive graduate course preparing students for research involving scientific computing. Module E (Distributed Scientific Computing) taught by Shantenu Jha used FutureGrid in hands-on assignments on:

  • Introduction to the practice of distributed computing;
  • Cloud computing and master-worker pattern;
  • and Distributed application case studies.
  • Two papers were written about this course: ICCS and TG'11
Shantenu Jha
Louisiana State University


3 years 41 weeks ago
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