XSEDE Campus Bridging Rocks Roll testing


XSEDE Campus Bridging team is charged with the creation of Rocks Rolls of commons software packages for use by campus and regional cyberinfrastructure users. In order to distribute these, they need to be tested. The XSEDE CB team intends to use futuregrid as a test bed for installation and use of these Rocks Rolls.

Intellectual Merit

This project will provide software packages to regional and campus cyberinfrastructure providers that looks significantly like software installations on XSEDE. When regional/campus CI providers make use of these packages, systems will look significantly like XSEDE systems to new users. Users making the transition from local resources to XSEDE or Futuregrid resources using these software installations will have an easier transition as well as better familiarity with best practices and tools.

Broader Impact

Successful completion of this project will make it easier for researchers to complete their work locally as well as to scale their research to regional and national scale infrastructure, allowing researchers to start work on smaller resources and do efficient prototyping and hardening of their research code, and when approaching problems that require more resources can easily transfer their code to larger capacity systems.

Use of FutureGrid

Install various operating systems on vms and test the installation and operation of rocks rolls we have created.

Scale Of Use

several vms that can be started, test the installation of rocks rolls, testing the functionality of software. Ideally these vm's persist and can be started periodically and stored for later usage.



results will be software installation packages that work -- when we have some, I'll link to them here.
Richard Knepper
Indiana University


1 year 41 weeks ago