Course: Cloud Computing class - second edition


This is the second edition of the Cloud Computing Class, where students can get confidence with what is Cloud Computing in real. In the first part of the course, they will play with Eucalyptus/Nimbus/OpenStack in order to understand the "basic steps" for each cloud computing platform. In the second part of the course, they will play with open source projects (Munin, Pound, Chef, Ganglia, Puppet, BoxGrinder.. just to name a few) that should be able to interact/interface with the Cloud.

Intellectual Merit

The students will be involved in a realistic scenario where they will face problem concerning configuration/monitoring and management of a Cloud.

Broader Impact

All materials and all results will be published in the class web page ( All documents/results will be proposed as "open source" materials (that is editable/improved from everyone). The intent of this it is also to figure out which is the best way to teach and to practice with cloud computing.

Use of FutureGrid

We will use FutureGrid as a testbed to start-up/shut-down instances with various services. We would also try to interface FutureGrid with some of the open source software designed to config/maintan/monitor a Cloud computing platform (as mentioned before).

Scale Of Use

The class should be quite small, so the resources involved in our class should be just few physical machines (less than 50).

Massimo Canonico
University of Piemonte Orientale

Project Members

Albert Shaqiri
Andrea Lombardo
Andrea Mastroberardino
Andrea Moio
Gabriele Barberis
Irene Lovotti
Jawad Munir


1 year 30 weeks ago
1 year 30 weeks ago