Course: High Performance Computing Class


This course provides a broad introduction to the fundamentals in high performance computing and its enabling system architectures. The emphasis is on parallel architectures, memory access and programming models, performance modeling, virtualization, and design of parallel algorithms.

Intellectual Merit

In this course, students will explore the state-of-the-art and research directions relating to high performance computing.

Broader Impact

This project will provide invaluable research, educational and training opportunities to students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Software and curriculum materials developed under this project will be distributed to the community as free, open source materials.

Use of FutureGrid

We will use FutureGrid resources as a testbed for course term projects

Scale Of Use

We have about 15 students in this class.


Wilson Rivera
University of Puerto Rico

Project Members

alfonso guzman
Angel Burgos
Antonio Tapia
Arelis Guerrero
Christian Barrientos Cruz
Daniel Santiago
David Rivera
Edgar Candelaria
Eduardo Acevedo
Edwin Flórez
Felix Melendez Ocasio
Hiva Samadian
Isnardo Arenas
Jose Acevedo
jose Fernandez
Jose Nieves
Juan Carlos de León Díaz
Leonardo Ortiz
lexter seda
Manuel Saldana
Melquisedec Gonzalez-Davila
norberto molina
Samuel Feliciano
Steven Morales
Steven Rodriguez

FutureGrid Experts

Andrew Younge
Jerome Mitchell