Resource discovery in an asynchronous grid and cloud


This project will be focusing on an appropriate resource discovery in a grid and cloud computing. The first step will be testing a decentralized resource discovery system, and the next step will be providing a resource discovery service in an asynchronous grid and cloud middleware.

Intellectual Merit

Providing a decentralized resource discovery system.

Broader Impact

This project will provide a way to communicate among different grid and cloud computing middleware.

Use of FutureGrid

I conduct research with Dr. Renato J. Figueiredo in the University of Florida. I will access FutureGrid for surveying and improving cloud computing middleware management purpose.

Scale Of Use

At this time, I want to access a machine which can overview the entire status of future grid pool with a cloud computing middleware (e.g., Nimbus or Eucalyptus) installed.

Kyungyong Lee
University of Florida

FutureGrid Experts

Javier Diaz Montes
Tao Huang


1 year 4 weeks ago