Course: Trial run - BUS S523 Large Scale Data Analysis


This project is for the graduate course BUS S-523. The course will cover how to use MapReduce to analyze data to gain insights for data not well suited to traditional RDBMS or datawarehouses.

Intellectual Merit

FutureGrid will provide students a hands-on environment to learn about MapReduce, including Hive and Pig. Activities students will complete will include in-class demonstrations, take home labs, homework, and potentially end of the semester group projects. These hands-on activities will allow students to engage in active learning while providing them with a better understanding of the class material.

Broader Impact

At the completion of the project, the students will have a greater understanding of grid computing and its role in analyzing data.

Use of FutureGrid

HPC (MyHadoop, SalsaHadoop)

Scale Of Use

This is a trial run, I intend to use FutureGrid resources to teach a class on Hadoop (including Pig and Hive) to approximately 90 graduate (Masters) students at Indiana University in the Spring 2013 semester. I anticipate that each student will only need modest resources.


Binny Samuel
Indiana University

Project Members

Meenakshi Kaleeswaran

FutureGrid Experts

Jerome Mitchell
Tak-Lon Wu