Advanced Technology for Sensor Clouds


"Grid Computing continues to evolve into cloud computing where real-time scalable resources are provided as a service over a network or the Internet to users who need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure (""in the cloud"" as an abstraction of the complex infrastructure) that supports them. A sensor network can be a wired or wireless network consisting of spatially distributed autonomous devices using sensors to cooperatively provide data from different locations. A sensor grid integrates multiple sensor networks with grid infrastructures to enable real-time sensor data collection and the sharing of computational and storage resources for sensor data processing and management."

Intellectual Merit

Leveraging earlier research that prototyped next generation technologies for integrating and facilitating separately developed sensor interoperability, data-mining, GIS and archiving grids using publish-subscribe based mediation services, this research will investigate the incorporation of cloud computing technologies and examine the penetration vulnerabilities of these technologies.

Broader Impact

It is an enabling technology for building large-scale infrastructures, integrating heterogeneous sensor, data and computational resources deployed over a wide area.

Use of FutureGrid

A collaboration between IU and outside US Industry partners to build a Trusted Sensor Grid/Cloud using Sensor as a Service building block The FutureGrid will be used to do experiments on performance of the Sensor Grid when deployed in a distributed environment.

Scale Of Use

A few VMs for an experiment


Ryan Hartman
Indiana University

Project Members

Chih-Hao Shih
Sankarbala Manoharan
Vignesh Ravindran
Vinod Periasamy



3 years 21 hours ago