Course: EEL-5934 Principle of Computer Systems Design Fall-13 Class Projects


This project provides a platform for testing and evaluation of end-of-semester student group projects on the design and evaluation of distributed file systems and overlay networks. It is anticipated that 2-10 group projects will use FutureGrid. Students will use virtual machines deployed through IaaS; resource requirements consist of a handful of VMs per group.

Intellectual Merit

This project provides students at the University of Florida with a realistic cloud testbed where they can experiment and evaluate designs that have been conceived as part of the class project. Students will be able to experiment with dynamically provisioned object storage software stacks (memcached) and overlay networks in order to test the functionality and evaluate performance of their designs.

Broader Impact

The project provides hands-on opportunities for education and training on virtualized computer systems to graduate students enrolled in the course.

Use of FutureGrid

Students will use FutureGrid to configure and deploy virtual machines with their project's code. As this is intended to be a platform to develop proof-of-concept designs for a class project, it's not expected that software that others can use will be developed.

Scale Of Use

Few VMs (order of 10-20 concurrent instances when testing/experiments are taking place). The class project ends second week of December.


Renato Figueiredo
University of Florida

Project Members

Sivaram Muthusubramanian


35 weeks 6 days ago