External Secure OpenStack Deployment and Integration with FutureGrid


OpenStack has become a popular IaaS infrastructure within the last years. The desire exists to deploy OpenStack at other sites. Although good deployment installations exist, there is a desire to 

a) have a more explicit explanation on how to deploy a secure cloud with all services communicating via https
b) have a scripted way to execute such a deployment
c) provide custom deployments for FutureGrid external clouds 
d) explore some level of federation.

This project, which will gradually explore these needs,  is conducted together with Georgia Tech, which is an external FG organization.

We will first work on documentation to address goal a) and set up a secure cloud at Georgia Tech. Once we have achieved that, we will transition such information to a scripted environment either with puppet (which is used currently at Georgia Tech) or chef (which is currently used at IU). This will be augmented with custom deployment scripts/recipes/puppies that are cite specific to Georgia Tech.

Lastly we will allow the creation and exchange of a mechanism for users to jointly authenticate on both clouds. We will be exploring a variety of models and identify DevOps based scripts/recipies/puppies to deploy them and to make them easier to maintain in production. 

Intellectual Merit

Deploying OpenStack is not an easy task. Once this project is complete we will have an easy deployment installation template available that can be reused by others.

Broader Impact

This project allows the creation of FutureGrid like OpenStack clouds at other external sites.

Use of FutureGrid

The use of FG is not really needed, but for the Federation aspect an integration with the keystone service, as well as the access to LDAP may be required. This is to be discussed in more detail in a later phase of the project

Scale Of Use

There is no need for any VM usage on FG other than demonstration of user account management.



a) IU has developed documentation for securely deploying clouds with NGINX

Chad Huneycutt
Georgia Institute of Technology

Project Alumni

Gregor von Laszewski
Allan Streib
Fugang Wang


29 weeks 5 days ago