Windows and Linux performance comparison


The work compares the performance of MS Windows HPC Server 2008 and Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 5.

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Use of FutureGrid

Comparing the performance of MS Windows HPC Server 2008 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 using the 3 benchmark suits.

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We will need up to 512 cores.


A collection of performance benchmarks have been run on the FutureGrid IBM System X iDataPlex cluster using two different operating systems. Windows HPC Server 2008 (WinHPC) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.4 (RHEL5) are compared using SPEC MPI2007 v1.1, the High Performance Computing Challenge (HPCC) and National Science Foundation (NSF) acceptance test benchmark suites. Overall, we find the performance of WinHPC and RHEL5 to be equivalent but significant performance differences exist when analyzing specific applications. We focus on the results from the application benchmarks and include the results of the HPCC microbenchmark for completeness.

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Robert Henschel
Indiana University


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