Exploring VMs for Open Science Grid Services


Open Science Grid (OSG) is a federation of compute and storage resources provided by of dozens of virtual organizations. This project will develop virtual machines to run the services required for the operation of the OSG. Currently, none of the compute elements used by OSG are virtual machines. The ability to develop these on a various platforms and hosts is the next step in the development of the OSG. Additionally, current existing OSG software may be adapted for use by FutureGrid

Intellectual Merit

OSG has intellectual merit in its leadership in the practical application of high-throughput computing. OSG serves as the common point for software providers (such as Condor or glideinWMS) to see their middleware in production. OSG serves as a pool of expertise for developing and deploying future production-quality high-throughput applications.

Broader Impact

OSG has broader impact in that it represents an important part of the computing landscape, in which it is important for us the US to keep presence. OSG believes other communities will become more and more dependent on these methods.

Use of FutureGrid

For development of OSG virtual machines, measurement of performance of OSG components and development of OSG software

Scale Of Use

We will typically use only a few virtual machines (most probably on india) at any given time. Short duration (about 1 day) scaling experiments up to, perhaps, 20 machines will be conducted.



The Open Science Grid Operations Center runs several services
enabling users to locate resources and generally use the OSG.
With this project we have investigated the possibility of
virtualizing the few remaining components that are not already
available as virtual machines. In particular, we have built a
"Compute Element", a basic resource unit for the OSG. Currently,
there are a few small technical details to work out. Eventually,
we intend to demonstrate a usable Compute Element integrated
into the usual list of OSG resources.
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Rob Quick
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Project Members

Scott Teige
Soichi Hayashi


2 years 50 weeks ago