Integrated Information Services (IIS) Testing


Distributed infrastructures need information services that enable users and software to discover infrastructure characteristics. IIS will enable this discovery by: Defining an information architecture, adopting standard schemas like (GLUE2) or developing new schemas integrated into the information architecture, and providing reference implementations of these schemas; Creating and distributing a reference information service implementation that integrates established open source tools that infrastructures can use to operate their own information services; and Operate information services instances for infrastructures that don't want to operate their own information services. The Integrated Information Services (IIS) project develops and maintains software and services used by distributed cyber-infrastructures like the TeraGrid to manage information about infrastructure elements. We will use FutureGrid to test the reliability, scalability, and performance of existing and under-development versions of IIS.

Intellectual Merit

The purpose of this work is to enhance the quality, reliability, scalability, and performance of existing and under-development IIS software to enable TG/XD and other communities to benefit from a robust, performant, and authoritative registry.

Broader Impact

The potential impact of this work is an IIS service that enables all digital product software, service, data, training, etc.) providers to reliably and systematically share information about their products with users and software system that need to use their products.

Use of FutureGrid

As a software and service testing environment.

Scale Of Use

From 1 to a 16 VMs for a few days at a time.


John-Paul Navarro
Univ. of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory

Project Members

Aaron Diestelkamp

FutureGrid Experts

Gregor von Laszewski