Projects: bioinformatics

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-441 Optimizing Intensive Data Computations Using GPU M Orban Mansoura university 06/14/2014 approved
FG-403 The evolution of microbial symbionts and their biosynthetic pathways through shotgun metagenomics Jason Kwan University of Wisconsin-Madison 12/19/2013 approved
FG-315 Biome representational in silico karyotyping Aaron Lee Washington University at St Louis, School of Medicine 03/07/2013 approved
FG-252 Analyzing Large-scale Cancer Genomics Sequencing Data with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Tools in Hybrid Cloud Linda McMahan Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 08/28/2012 approved
FG-145 CloVR - Cloud Virtual Resource for Automated Sequence Analysis From Your Desktop Samuel Angiuoli University of Maryland 08/24/2011 approved
FG-128 De novo assembly of genomes and metagenomes from next generation sequencing data Haixu Tang Indiana University 06/01/2011 approved
FG-98 Performance Evaluation of Data Intensive Scientific Applications Sriram Krishnan University of California, San Diego 03/08/2011 04/07/2013 cancelled
FG-96 Using Various Cloud Frameworks for Bioinformatics Application Yuduo Zhou Indiana University 03/03/2011 approved
FG-87 I399 Bioinformatics and Cyberinfrastructure project - 1000 Genomes protein analysis Andrew Younge Indiana University 02/01/2011 approved
FG-48 Cloud Technologies for Bioinformatics Applications Thilina Gunarathne Indiana University 12/23/2010 approved
FG-43 ScaleMP Performance Evaluation Robert Henschel Indiana University 12/23/2010 approved
FG-28 Biosequence Alignment Studies Adam Hughes Indiana University 12/23/2010 03/22/2013 completed
FG-26 Bioinformatics and Clouds John Conery University of Oregon 12/23/2010 approved
FG-25 Collaborative Research: North East Cyberinfrastructure Consortium James Vincent University of Vermont 12/23/2010 approved
FG-18 Privacy preserving gene read mapping using hybrid cloud Yangyi Chen Indiana University Bloomington 12/23/2010 approved