Projects: cloud computing

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-453 Fall 2014 P434 Distributed Systems Undergraduate Course Judy Qiu Indiana University 09/16/2014 approved
FG-447 Using SNORT and AFTERGLOW to detect and visualize all malicious attacks within IaaS Cloud COmputing Systems Tofuli Baendo University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) 07/19/2014 approved
FG-436 Private Storage Cloud Computing Ari Kurnianto Yarsi University 06/05/2014 approved
FG-423 Investigating security issues in OpenStack Yangyi Chen Indiana University Bloomington 04/10/2014 approved
FG-422 Enabling Time-sensitive Applications on Virtualized Computing Systems Ming Zhao Florida International University 04/04/2014 approved
FG-421 Coordinated QoS-Driven Management of Cloud Computing and Storage Resources Ming Zhao Florida International University 04/04/2014 approved
FG-414 Creating a Highly Configurable, Scalable Cloud Test Bed Using Nimbus and Phantom Patricia Teller The University of Texas at El Paso 02/28/2014 approved
FG-413 Running SWAT model on the cloud Lan Zhao Purdue University 02/24/2014 approved
FG-405 Spring 2014 CSCI-B649 Cloud Computing MOOC for residential and online students Judy Qiu Indiana University 12/27/2013 approved
FG-402 Investigation on Network Performance in Virtual Machine Based Cloud Environments Feng Wang The University of Mississippi 12/18/2013 approved
FG-398 Ensuring Data Security and Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud Sandip Bhagat Veermata Jijabai Technological University, Mumbai India. 12/05/2013 approved
FG-394 Hydroinformatics on the Cloud Kate Keahey University of Chicago 11/06/2013 approved
FG-392 Using Clouds to Scale GIS Applications Kate Keahey University of Chicago 11/01/2013 approved
FG-384 Graph/network analysis Resource manager Tirtha Bhattacharjee Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 10/23/2013 approved
FG-381 Authentication of Mobile Cloud Computing Shane Green Colorado Technical University 10/02/2013 approved
FG-372 Mobile Device Computation Offloading over SocialVPNs Renato Figueiredo University of Florida 09/05/2013 approved
FG-362 Course: Cloud Computing and Storage (UF) Andy Li University of Florida 08/22/2013 approved
FG-361 Streaming in the Clouds Radu Tudoran INRIA Rennes 08/20/2013 approved
FG-334 Tutorial on Cloud Computing and Software-defined Networking Jose Fortes University of Florida 05/21/2013 approved
FG-308 Course: Computational Techniques for Large-Scale Data Analysis (CSE 491/891) Pang-Ning Tan Michigan State University 02/05/2013 approved
FG-300 compatibleone Iain James Marshall Prologue 12/15/2012 approved
FG-292 Big Data Analytics for GatorCloud Dapeng Wu University of Florida 11/12/2012 approved
FG-276 Course (1 day): K12 Introduction High Performance and Cloud Computing Thomas Hacker Purdue University 10/08/2012 11/08/2012 completed
FG-267 Investigation of Security on client platforms in e-health systems LaWanda Warren Florida A & M University 09/17/2012 approved
FG-252 Analyzing Large-scale Cancer Genomics Sequencing Data with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Tools in Hybrid Cloud Linda McMahan Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 08/28/2012 approved
FG-249 Course: Large Scale Computing Infrastructure 2012 Master class Sergio Maffioletti University of Zurich 08/16/2012 07/10/2013 completed
FG-247 Course: Cloud Computing and Storage Class Andy Li University of Florida 08/15/2012 07/10/2013 completed
FG-238 HPC meets Clouds Li Chunyan YunNan University 07/15/2012 approved
FG-232 Testing framework for big data leveraging Cloud Allwin Fernandez Computer sciences corporation 06/20/2012 approved
FG-219 FutureGrid Project Challenge: A CLOUD COMPUTING ARCHITECTURE FOR SUPPLY CHAIN NETWORK SIMULATION Yaohua Chen University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 05/17/2012 approved
FG-217 Cloud Computing In Education Željko Šeremet University of Mostar, Faculty Mechanical and Computing 05/16/2012 approved
FG-216 Scaling-out CloudBLAST: Deploying Elastic MapReduce across Geographically Distributed Virtulized Resources for BLAST Andrea Matsunaga University of Florida 05/14/2012 approved
FG-212 Cloud Computing : Confidentiality and Integrity of data Epaphras Matsangaise Indiana University 04/25/2012 approved
FG-200 MapReduce Based Ray Tracing Class Project Jingya Wang Indiana University 03/22/2012 approved
FG-166 Parallel watershed and hdyrodynamic models Meghna Babbar-Sebens Oregon State University 10/11/2011 approved
FG-159 Evaluation of MPI Collectives for HPC Applications on Distributed Virtualized Environments Ivan Rodero Rutgers University 09/27/2011 approved
FG-147 Cloud Computing for Software Testing and Quality Assurance Koray Incki TUBITAK 08/25/2011 approved
FG-144 Smart Federation Platform for Mobile Cloud Computing Infrastructures Vladimir Getov University of Westminster 08/18/2011 approved
FG-143 Course: Cloud Computing for Data Intensive Science Class Judy Qiu Indiana University 08/16/2011 06/22/2012 completed
FG-139 Course: Cloud Computing and Storage Class Andy Li University of Florida 08/02/2011 03/22/2013 completed
FG-138 Data mining samples based on Twister Zhanquan Sun Indiana University Bloomington 07/28/2011 approved
FG-130 Optimizing Scientific Workflows on Clouds Weiwei Chen University of Southern California 06/06/2011 approved
FG-127 Course: Fresno System Architecture and Cloud Computing Class Cui Lin California State University, Fresno 05/31/2011 07/10/2013 completed
FG-121 Elastic Computing Paul Marshall University of Colorado at Boulder 05/16/2011 approved
FG-120 Workshop: A Cloud View on Computing Jerome Mitchell PTI 05/09/2011 03/22/2013 completed
FG-115 Cloud Computing Research at UC Riverside Harsha Madhyastha University of California, Riverside 04/23/2011 approved
FG-100 UniFrame : QoS aware Service Discovery and Composition framework for Cloud Lahiru Pileththuwasan Gallege IUPUI 03/09/2011 approved
FG-99 Cloud-Based Support for Distributed Multiscale Applications Katarzyna Rycerz AGH, Krakow 03/09/2011 approved
FG-97 FutureGrid and Grid'5000 Collaboration Mauricio Tsugawa University of Florida 03/04/2011 approved
FG-96 Using Various Cloud Frameworks for Bioinformatics Application Yuduo Zhou Indiana University 03/03/2011 approved
FG-93 Extending local resource using Clouds John Thottam Model Engineering College, Cochin University of Science And Technology 02/20/2011 approved
FG-92 Cloud application monitoring experimentation and research Jonathan Cook New Mexico State University 02/09/2011 approved
FG-88 A credit card system for Virtual machines within FutureGrid Andrew Younge Indiana University 02/01/2011 01/31/2012 cancelled
FG-87 I399 Bioinformatics and Cyberinfrastructure project - 1000 Genomes protein analysis Andrew Younge Indiana University 02/01/2011 approved