Projects: cloud

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-446 Evaluation of Network Interrupt Tuning on Virtualized Application Performance Malek Musleh Purdue University 07/03/2014 approved
FG-428 Cloud Infrastructure Utilization Rahul Limbole Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute Mumbai 04/23/2014 approved
FG-405 Spring 2014 CSCI-B649 Cloud Computing MOOC for residential and online students Judy Qiu Indiana University 12/27/2013 approved
FG-404 Enhancing Usage of cloud Infrastructure Rahul Limbole Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute Mumbai 12/21/2013 approved
FG-401 Evaluation of HPC Applications on Cloud Resources Brock Palen U of Michigan / Xsede 12/11/2013 approved
FG-374 Course: Cloud and Distributed Computing Philip Rhodes University of Mississippi 09/15/2013 approved
FG-366 Cloud Virtualization Environment Analysis towards High Performance Storage Solutions Malek Musleh Purdue University 08/29/2013 approved
FG-349 MapReduce Scheduling in Cloud Environments Renan DelValle Binghamton University 06/25/2013 approved
FG-346 Course: Example Course On Advanced Cloud Computing Albert Elfstein Indiana University 06/21/2013 approved
FG-343 The iPlant Foundation API Rion Dooley University of Texas at Austin 06/14/2013 approved
FG-337 Content-based Histopathology Image Retrieval using a CometCloud-based infrastructure Javier Diaz Montes Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 05/24/2013 approved
FG-336 Understanding Fluid Flow in Microchannels using a CometCloud-based Federated HPC infrastructure Javier Diaz Montes Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 05/24/2013 05/31/2013 completed
FG-310 OpenStack Familiarization for TACC Warren Smith University of Texas at Austin 02/13/2013 approved
FG-305 Bundles: Distributed Cloud Resources Jon Weissman University of Minnesota 01/18/2013 approved
FG-299 Pluggable Event Architecture for Cloud Environments Jeffrey Cox Indiana University 12/11/2012 approved
FG-296 Teefaa: Framework for Bare-Metal Provisioning integrated with Cloud Infrastructure Koji Tanaka Indiana University 11/20/2012 approved
FG-288 Federating HPC, Cyberinfrastructure and Clouds using CometCloud Javier Diaz Montes Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 11/09/2012 approved
FG-273 Digital Provenance Research Mohammed Rangwala Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 10/03/2012 approved
FG-261 Investigation of Data Locality and Fairness in MapReduce Zhenhua Guo Indiana University 09/06/2012 10/18/2012 completed
FG-260 Improve resource utilization in MapReduce Zhenhua Guo Indiana University 09/06/2012 09/06/2012 completed
FG-252 Analyzing Large-scale Cancer Genomics Sequencing Data with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Tools in Hybrid Cloud Linda McMahan Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 08/28/2012 approved
FG-250 CloudStack on Futuregrid Mauricio Tsugawa University of Florida 08/20/2012 approved
FG-229 Course: XSEDE 2012 Tutorial John Bresnahan Nimbus 06/16/2012 04/30/2013 completed
FG-224 Nimbus Auto Scale (Phantom) Pierre Riteau University of Chicago 06/05/2012 approved
FG-210 Exploring and Cataloging Cloud Computing Security issues via FutureGrid Adetunji Anthony Adeleke IUPUI 04/22/2012 approved
FG-202 Fault Tolerance of HPC systems Ifeanyi Egwutuoha University of Sydney 03/23/2012 approved
FG-191 Course: UCF EEL6938 Data-intensive computing and Cloud Class Jun Wang University of Central Florida 02/21/2012 07/10/2013 completed
FG-190 Data Semantics Aware Clouds for High Performance Analytics Jun Wang University of Central Florida 02/21/2012 approved
FG-179 GPCloud: Cloud-based Automatic Repair of Real-World Software Bugs Claire Le Goues University of Virginia 12/09/2011 approved
FG-169 Hygra-Sim: Simulation of a Decentralized protocol for Resource discovery and job Allocation in large computational grids Fabrizio Messina University of Catania 10/25/2011 approved
FG-168 Next Generation Sequencing in the Cloud Jonathan Klinginsmith Indiana University 10/23/2011 approved
FG-162 Leveraging Network Flow Watermarking for Co-residency Detection in the Cloud Masoud Valafar Univeristy of Oregon 09/30/2011 approved
FG-158 Cloud Peer Kiruba Karan Anna University 09/24/2011 approved
FG-157 Resource provisioning for e-Science environments Andrea Bosin University of Cagliari 09/23/2011 approved
FG-150 SC11: Using and Building Infrastructure Clouds for Science John Bresnahan Nimbus 09/08/2011 02/08/2012 completed
FG-147 Cloud Computing for Software Testing and Quality Assurance Koray Incki TUBITAK 08/25/2011 approved
FG-129 Google SOC 11: Using DemoGrid and Globus Online on FutureGrid Andrew Younge Indiana University 06/03/2011 03/22/2013 completed
FG-117 Collaborative Data Distribution and VM Provisioning Jiangyan Xu University of Florida 04/28/2011 approved
FG-112 University of California (UC) Grid and Cloud Project Prakashan Korambath UCLA 04/08/2011 approved
FG-94 SpeQulos: A Framework for QoS in Unreliable Distributed Computing Infrastructures using Cloud Resources. Simon Delamare INRIA - France 02/23/2011 approved
FG-85 Exploring HPC Fault Tolerance on the Cloud Hui Jin Illinois Insitute of Technology 01/27/2011 approved
FG-75 Cumulus John Bresnahan Nimbus 01/09/2011 12/31/2010 completed
FG-67 Cloud Security and Forensics Please sign up Please signup 12/23/2010 approved
FG-54 Investigating cloud computing as a solution for analyzing particle physics data Randall Sobie University of Victoria 12/23/2010 approved
FG-24 Resource discovery in an asynchronous grid and cloud Kyungyong Lee University of Florida 12/23/2010 approved
FG-18 Privacy preserving gene read mapping using hybrid cloud Yangyi Chen Indiana University Bloomington 12/23/2010 approved
FG-13 FutureGrid Systems Development and Prototyping Koji Tanaka Indiana University 12/23/2010 approved
FG-3 Survey of Open-Source Cloud Infrastructure using FutureGrid Testbed Tak-Lon Wu Indiana University 12/20/2010 01/31/2011 completed