Projects: hadoop

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-456 Cloud Computing Class Jayalakshmi Doddamane M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology 09/20/2014 approved
FG-454 Data Management for Polar Science Geoffrey Fox Indiana University 09/16/2014 approved
FG-419 Distributed Real-time Computation System Yukai Xiao Indiana University Bloomington 03/24/2014 approved
FG-411 ILS-Z604 Big Data Analytics for Web and Text - SP14 Group #2 Trevor Edelblute Indiana University 02/08/2014 approved
FG-389 Investigating the Apache Big Data Stack ibrahim hallac Firat University 10/28/2013 approved
FG-382 Reliability Analysis using Hadoop and MapReduce Carl Walasek University of the Sciences 10/15/2013 approved
FG-374 Course: Cloud and Distributed Computing Philip Rhodes University of Mississippi 09/15/2013 approved
FG-370 Course: CIIC 8995: Mining Massive Datasets Edgar Acuna University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez 09/03/2013 approved
FG-364 Course: EEL6871 Autonomic Computing Meng Han University of Florida 08/22/2013 approved
FG-362 Course: Cloud Computing and Storage (UF) Andy Li University of Florida 08/22/2013 approved
FG-342 Hadoop built on Apache Mesos layer John Lockman University of Texas at Austin 06/12/2013 approved
FG-315 Biome representational in silico karyotyping Aaron Lee Washington University at St Louis, School of Medicine 03/07/2013 approved
FG-308 Course: Computational Techniques for Large-Scale Data Analysis (CSE 491/891) Pang-Ning Tan Michigan State University 02/05/2013 approved
FG-297 Network Aware Task Scheduling in Hadoop Lei Ye University of Arizona 12/01/2012 approved
FG-286 Query and analysis of provenance using Mapreduce You-Wei Cheah Indiana University 11/07/2012 approved
FG-274 Course: Trial run - BUS S523 Large Scale Data Analysis Binny Samuel Indiana University 10/03/2012 approved
FG-261 Investigation of Data Locality and Fairness in MapReduce Zhenhua Guo Indiana University 09/06/2012 10/18/2012 completed
FG-260 Improve resource utilization in MapReduce Zhenhua Guo Indiana University 09/06/2012 09/06/2012 completed
FG-244 Course: Data Center Scale Computing Dirk Grunwald Univ. of Colorado, Boulder 08/01/2012 07/10/2013 approved
FG-241 Course: Science Cloud Summer School 2012 Gregor von Laszewski Indiana University 07/18/2012 01/24/2013 completed
FG-235 Fault management in Map-Reduce Selvi Kadirvel University of Florida 06/29/2012 approved
FG-232 Testing framework for big data leveraging Cloud Allwin Fernandez Computer sciences corporation 06/20/2012 approved
FG-182 Molecular Dynamics on Hadoop Shanfei Jiao chongqing university of posts and telecommunications 12/20/2011 approved
FG-137 Hadoop Testing Bryon Gill Carnegie Mellon University 07/26/2011 approved
FG-131 HBase Application and Investigation Judy Qiu Indiana University 06/20/2011 approved
FG-86 Parallel Analysis of EEG Data with Hadoop on FutureGrid Lizhe Wang Indiana University 01/31/2011 12/31/2011 completed
FG-84 Development of an Index File System to Support Geoscience Data with Hadoop Sonali Karwa Indiana University 01/20/2011 05/23/2013 completed
FG-71 Course: B649 Topics on Systems Graduate Cloud Computing Class Judy Qiu Indiana University 01/08/2011 12/31/2010 completed
FG-70 Big Data for Science Summer School July 26-30 2010 Judy Qiu Indiana University 01/08/2011 07/30/2010 completed
FG-69 Investigate provenance collection for MapReduce Jiaan Zeng Computer Science 12/30/2010 approved
FG-61 Hadoop Evaluation Albert Everett University of Arkansas at Little Rock 12/23/2010 approved
FG-60 Wide area distributed file system for MapReduce applications on FutureGrid platform Lizhe Wang Indiana University 12/23/2010 01/18/2013 completed
FG-48 Cloud Technologies for Bioinformatics Applications Thilina Gunarathne Indiana University 12/23/2010 approved
FG-27 Evaluation of Hadoop for IO-intensive applications Zhenhua Guo Indiana University 12/23/2010 09/06/2012 completed
FG-18 Privacy preserving gene read mapping using hybrid cloud Yangyi Chen Indiana University Bloomington 12/23/2010 approved
FG-17 Comparison of MapReduce Systems Judy Qiu Indiana University 12/23/2010 04/09/2013 completed