Projects: mapreduce

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-451 Course: Cloud Computing and Storage Andy Li University of Florida 08/25/2014 approved
FG-411 ILS-Z604 Big Data Analytics for Web and Text - SP14 Group #2 Trevor Edelblute Indiana University 02/08/2014 approved
FG-382 Reliability Analysis using Hadoop and MapReduce Carl Walasek University of the Sciences 10/15/2013 approved
FG-370 Course: CIIC 8995: Mining Massive Datasets Edgar Acuna University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez 09/03/2013 approved
FG-349 MapReduce Scheduling in Cloud Environments Renan DelValle Binghamton University 06/25/2013 approved
FG-342 Hadoop built on Apache Mesos layer John Lockman University of Texas at Austin 06/12/2013 approved
FG-286 Query and analysis of provenance using Mapreduce You-Wei Cheah Indiana University 11/07/2012 approved
FG-275 Twister Collective Iterative MapReduce Development Bingjing Zhang Indiana University 10/08/2012 approved
FG-269 Course: P434 MapReduce Class Project Scott Jensen Indiana University 09/19/2012 approved
FG-263 Hello MapReduce Dong Wang University of Florida 09/10/2012 approved
FG-261 Investigation of Data Locality and Fairness in MapReduce Zhenhua Guo Indiana University 09/06/2012 10/18/2012 completed
FG-260 Improve resource utilization in MapReduce Zhenhua Guo Indiana University 09/06/2012 09/06/2012 completed
FG-235 Fault management in Map-Reduce Selvi Kadirvel University of Florida 06/29/2012 approved
FG-216 Scaling-out CloudBLAST: Deploying Elastic MapReduce across Geographically Distributed Virtulized Resources for BLAST Andrea Matsunaga University of Florida 05/14/2012 approved
FG-207 Disaster Recovery and Management using Twitter and MapReduce David Young IUPUI 04/06/2012 approved
FG-200 MapReduce Based Ray Tracing Class Project Jingya Wang Indiana University 03/22/2012 approved
FG-192 Climate Data Analytics Using MapReduce Jay Larson Argonne National Laboratory 03/01/2012 approved
FG-191 Course: UCF EEL6938 Data-intensive computing and Cloud Class Jun Wang University of Central Florida 02/21/2012 07/10/2013 completed
FG-190 Data Semantics Aware Clouds for High Performance Analytics Jun Wang University of Central Florida 02/21/2012 approved
FG-187 Hybrid Cloud Processing of Secure Data Jeff Whitworth UNC Greensboro 01/26/2012 approved
FG-141 High Performance Spatial Data Warehouse over MapReduce Fusheng Wang Emory University 08/03/2011 approved
FG-123 CSULA Business Intelligence on Map/Reduce Jongwook Woo California State University Los Angeles 05/18/2011 approved
FG-119 Keyword-based Semantic Association Discovery Mo Zhou Indiana University 05/04/2011 approved
FG-86 Parallel Analysis of EEG Data with Hadoop on FutureGrid Lizhe Wang Indiana University 01/31/2011 12/31/2011 completed
FG-84 Development of an Index File System to Support Geoscience Data with Hadoop Sonali Karwa Indiana University 01/20/2011 05/23/2013 completed
FG-72 Course: B534 Distributed systems Graduate/Undergraduate Class Judy Qiu Indiana University 01/08/2011 03/22/2013 completed
FG-71 Course: B649 Topics on Systems Graduate Cloud Computing Class Judy Qiu Indiana University 01/08/2011 12/31/2010 completed
FG-69 Investigate provenance collection for MapReduce Jiaan Zeng Computer Science 12/30/2010 approved
FG-60 Wide area distributed file system for MapReduce applications on FutureGrid platform Lizhe Wang Indiana University 12/23/2010 01/18/2013 completed
FG-53 Combining public cloud and private cloud Xiaoyong Zhou Indiana University 12/23/2010 approved
FG-52 Cost-Aware Cloud Computing David Lowenthal University of Arizona 12/23/2010 approved
FG-50 Performance evaluation of MapReduce applications Yunhee Kang Indiana University 12/23/2010 10/24/2011 completed
FG-31 Integrating High Performance Computing in Research and Education for Simulation, Visualization and RealTime Prediction Anthony Chronopoulos Unvirsity of Texas San Antonio 12/23/2010 approved
FG-28 Biosequence Alignment Studies Adam Hughes Indiana University 12/23/2010 03/22/2013 completed
FG-27 Evaluation of Hadoop for IO-intensive applications Zhenhua Guo Indiana University 12/23/2010 09/06/2012 completed
FG-4 Word Sense Disambiguation for Web 2.0 Data Jonathan Klinginsmith Indiana University 12/20/2010 approved