Projects: metagenomics

Project Number Project Namesort icon Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-403 The evolution of microbial symbionts and their biosynthetic pathways through shotgun metagenomics Jason Kwan University of Wisconsin-Madison 12/19/2013 approved
FG-237 Metagenomics analysis of environmental samples Devesh Shrestha University of Massachusetts Amherst 07/10/2012 approved
FG-29 Metagenomics Kashi Vishwanath Revanna University of North Texas 12/23/2010 approved
FG-149 Metagenome analysis of benthic marine invertebrates Malcolm Zachariah University of Utah 09/02/2011 approved
FG-128 De novo assembly of genomes and metagenomes from next generation sequencing data Haixu Tang Indiana University 06/01/2011 approved
FG-375 Course: Testbed for Metagenomics Blake Stamps University of Oklahoma 09/18/2013 approved
FG-145 CloVR - Cloud Virtual Resource for Automated Sequence Analysis From Your Desktop Samuel Angiuoli University of Maryland 08/24/2011 approved