Projects: mpi

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-442 MPI Java Performance Evaluation Saliya Ekanayake Indiana University 06/17/2014 approved
FG-432 2014 Topics in Parallel Computation Heru Suhartanto Universitas Indonesia 05/13/2014 approved
FG-391 Course: Topics in Parallel Computation Heru Suhartanto Universitas Indonesia 10/30/2013 approved
FG-359 Testing MPI_Barrier Optimized with NetFGPA against Mellanox Core-Direct Omer Arap Indiana University 08/09/2013 approved
FG-344 Exploring map/reduce frameworks for users of traditional HPC Glenn K. Lockwood University of California San Diego 06/18/2013 approved
FG-231 Optimizing Partitioned Address-space Programs for Shared Memory and Hybrid Clusters Arun Chauhan Indiana University 06/19/2012 approved
FG-209 Quantifying User Effort to Migrate MPI Applications Karolina Sarnowska-Upton University of Virginia 04/11/2012 approved
FG-193 Efficient deadlock-free routing Thomas William GWT-TUD GmbH 03/02/2012 approved
FG-159 Evaluation of MPI Collectives for HPC Applications on Distributed Virtualized Environments Ivan Rodero Rutgers University 09/27/2011 approved
FG-72 Course: B534 Distributed systems Graduate/Undergraduate Class Judy Qiu Indiana University 01/08/2011 03/22/2013 completed
FG-61 Hadoop Evaluation Albert Everett University of Arkansas at Little Rock 12/23/2010 approved
FG-58 Parallel Performance of GTM Dimension Reduction Jong Youl Choi Indiana University 12/23/2010 approved