Projects: openstack

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-455 Fall 2014 Course: Big Data Applications and Analytics (Data Science Curriculum) Geoffrey Fox Indiana University 09/16/2014 approved
FG-452 Course: Big Data Open Source Software and Projects (Data Science Curriculum) Geoffrey Fox Indiana University 09/11/2014 approved
FG-451 Course: Cloud Computing and Storage Andy Li University of Florida 08/25/2014 approved
FG-423 Investigating security issues in OpenStack Yangyi Chen Indiana University Bloomington 04/10/2014 approved
FG-416 External Secure OpenStack Deployment and Integration with FutureGrid Chad Huneycutt Georgia Institute of Technology 03/18/2014 approved
FG-382 Reliability Analysis using Hadoop and MapReduce Carl Walasek University of the Sciences 10/15/2013 approved
FG-374 Course: Cloud and Distributed Computing Philip Rhodes University of Mississippi 09/15/2013 approved
FG-367 Optimize rapid deployment and updating of VM images at the remote compute cluster Jan Balewski Massachusetts Institute of Technology 08/29/2013 approved
FG-362 Course: Cloud Computing and Storage (UF) Andy Li University of Florida 08/22/2013 approved
FG-356 IPython pipelines for training life sciences researchers on NGS data analysis Todd Blevins Indiana University 07/14/2013 approved
FG-347 salsaDPI: a dynamic provisioning interface for public/ private IaaS cloud Tak-Lon Wu Indiana University 06/24/2013 approved
FG-346 Course: Example Course On Advanced Cloud Computing Albert Elfstein Indiana University 06/21/2013 approved
FG-334 Tutorial on Cloud Computing and Software-defined Networking Jose Fortes University of Florida 05/21/2013 approved
FG-310 OpenStack Familiarization for TACC Warren Smith University of Texas at Austin 02/13/2013 approved
FG-306 Eucalyptus and Openstack Sharath S Visvesvaraya Technological University 01/29/2013 approved
FG-279 Course: Mastering OpenStack Abdelkrim Hadjidj University of Technology of Compiegne 10/17/2012 approved
FG-246 Investigation of Cloud Technologies for advancement of campus research. Jazcek Braden University of Colorado at Boiulder 08/08/2012 approved
FG-244 Course: Data Center Scale Computing Dirk Grunwald Univ. of Colorado, Boulder 08/01/2012 07/10/2013 approved
FG-241 Course: Science Cloud Summer School 2012 Gregor von Laszewski Indiana University 07/18/2012 01/24/2013 completed