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Most recent projects

Abhinav Gupta
Carnegie Mellon Universiy

The goal of this project is to develop a geometric and functional representation of our visual world for scene understanding. This project aims to...

Jayalakshmi Doddamane
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology

This is for a Cloud Computing Class, where students can realize what is Cloud Computing in real. In the first part of the course, they will...

course, hadoop, scheduling, Spark
Geoffrey Fox
Indiana University

This project supports online data science I590...

Geoffrey Fox
Indiana University

We will investigate data management for Polar Science satellite and airborne radar data

Judy Qiu
Indiana University

  Fall 2014 CSCI-P434 is a course for young computer scientists working in the field of software and systems. It is offered to a class...

Geoffrey Fox
Indiana University

This course studies software used in many commercial activities to study Big Data. The backdrop for course is the ~150 software subsystems...

Andy Li
University of Florida



Dr. Xiaolin (Andy) Li
Office: 433 NEB
Office Hours: TR 2pm-...

Alexei Efros
UC Berkeley

: A good image representation is essential for any high-level computer vision tasks, including object recognition, image retrieval, scene...