FG General Software Development

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This is a test report

Update 07/10/2012 - 17:55

We just published two papers in IEEE Cloud2012

Comparison of Multiple Cloud Frameworks

[fg-1933] von Laszewski, G., J. Diaz, F. Wang, and G. Fox, "Comparison of Multiple Cloud Frameworks", IEEE CLOUD 2012, 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Honolulu, Hawaii, IEEE, 06/2012.

FG General Software Development

Project Details

Project Lead
Gregor von Laszewski 
Project Manager
Gregor von Laszewski 
Project Members
Mauricio Tsugawa, Stephen Mock, Patrick Hurley, Matthew Hanlon, Warren Smith, Michael Lewis, Anh Huy Bui, Joseph Makar, Meng Han, Koji Tanaka, Carrie Arnold, Allan Streib, Fugang Wang, Heng Chen, Jonathan Klinginsmith, Albert Hammer, Hyungro Lee, Yukai Xiao, Aravindh Varadharaju  
Indiana University, Community Grids Laboratory  
Computer Science (401) 


A project developing some software for FG.

Intellectual Merit

This project is needed for FG. It develops software that is relevant to FG.

Broader Impacts

It enables others to use FG.

Scale of Use

we will use all of FG.

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